Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Vibration That Matches Your Desire

“Offer a vibration that matches your desire rather than offering a vibration that matches what is.”

What a great piece of advice, and how deceptively simple!

As a trained energy worker (I like that term  it sound so Marxist)  that is, an intuitive reader and healer  I have a lot of techniques and experience up my sleeve to read what’s going on energetically/spiritually in myself or others; move out unwelcome or hampering influences; and reset my or someone else’s space in a way that’s harmonious and growthful.

But like everyone, I get stuck. So I enjoy the helpful advice from the folks at Abraham-Hicks. Usually I don’t like spiritual advisors who get most of their information from a channelled being. I’m already plenty transcendental, and I want to balance that; I find that my greatest power as a reader, and as a performer, comes from channelling myself instead of some other entity alive or passed on (whether this being is my lovely Mom or some spiritual guide).

But Esther Hicks is an exception: She’s a channeller, but she still seems real and helpful.

Here are some tips from me that build on her phrase quoted above:

  • You might want to work with the idea of “vibration” as a color. Imagine that a bar at the top of your head is a color you want to be vibrating at, a color that feels good. Notice how you feel. Probably better already!
  • Experience the vibration of a note or a part of a song you like. Hum it or sing a few words.
  • Think of one thing you want. How would you feel if you got it? Feel that way now. Just pretend. Now you’re more likely to attract the thing you’re wanting.
  • What you desire feels good to you. If you feel bad while desiring it, it’s probably not something you really want (maybe someone else told you to want it).
It’s been a tough time for me personally the last few days. Some complicated communications cast a shadow of disappointment, about someone else and about myself, and this shadow in turn dredged up longer shadows from my past. Secrets and betrayal was the theme. And the usual source of these things reared its head: pre-existing (stuck) pain in someone else, and in myself.
So after a lot of crying and thinking – which have their precious place as one moves through difficult events and emotions – and using other energy tools, I’m resetting my own personal space.

Bringing desire back into my space.

Setting a vibration for myself that matches my desire: Certainty, turquoise, forgiveness, a chord I hear in my head right now, joy.

copyright 2009 Lisa Bernstein (Lisa B)