Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Welcome to a site of sound" from singer-poet Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) blogI hear Latin percussion in the knocking washing machine, altered chords in the Amtrak whistle, a silent operatic soprano when I say hello to God… in an earlier era, I’d be institutionalized. Luckily, in this one, I'm just a musician and writer.

And I have a mockingbird. I mean, she lives nearby, but I feel possessive about her. She's busy all day long transiting loudly through different bird soundbytes. She invented the soundbyte. She's a Puritan bird, she doesn't take a break. No need for a PA either!

"Bird flying high, You know how I feel." That's the first line of "Feeling Good," the song I'm learning, by Newley/Bricusse. Nice to sing a happy song that's deep. With the refrain, "feeling good." Yes!


  1. On Traffic's "Last Exit" record, there's a beautiful live version of this. Winwood's master turn.

  2. You're kidding! I love Traffic, esp. "Mr. Fantasy." I'm going to have to look that up. Thanks so much!


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