Thursday, July 30, 2009

New CD Out! Aug. 22 Gig. And More!

cover of The Poetry of Groove CD by singer-poet Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) ONE. The CD is out! "The Poetry of Groove" is now available  an entire set of playful, poetic rap and sultry choruses over jazzy hip-hop grooves.

It's five tracks of new material in various mixes, and five tracks of remixed and/or remastered spoken-word groove tunes from my previous three CDs.

You can get a physical disk from my website (that means me) at the special sale price of $10.99  an offer good for the next 10 days:

And you can get physical CDs, MP3 albums, and MP3 tracks at iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby. Pretty links are on my site, unadorned ones at the bottom of this email, for you impetuous ones.

TWO. Free tracks. Some of you helped me a couple of years ago by voting for me in the Downbeat Listeners Poll. I promised you a free MP3 track in return. Write me now and remind me that I should send you one, and whether you prefer a jazzy hip-hop, electronica, or world flavor, or even which one you want, if you know!

THREE: CD release gig! Mark your calendars! I'm performing

Saturday, August 22, 8 - 11 p.m.$8 each or $15 for 2
The intimate, great-sound-system, friendly place Armando's
707 Marina Vista, Martinez, CA 94553, (925) 228-6985
(over 21 only)

Drive on out, it's only about 1/2 hour from Oakland and very relaxing. With ace trio Ben Flint on keys, Bryan Bowman on drums, and Jeremy Cohen on bass. Come celebrate with us! New material and old favorites.

FOUR: Your help with reviews and gigs. Please go over to the sites below and review the new CD! It really helps. Also, I'm booking lots of events in the Bay Area and beyond. Contact me if you run a reading or performance series/venue. Thanks in advance!

FIVE: The FREE LisaB app (prototype of Band App!) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I'm excited to be the demo and face of the new Band App! for those i-Things. Perfect for bands and other performers who want to be carried around in your fans' pockets. 

SIX: (I love tunes in 6/8!) Follow, befriend, comment. I'm digging the 140-character genre of Twitter for poetic outbursts and prosaic updates. You don't need a cell phone; just read it on the web. And, who knew?, it turns out Facebook really does feel like an electronic village. Finally, I'm blogging on topics such as teaching poetry to my third-graders, a poignant real-life Father's Day soundtrack, Billie vs. Carmen on "Good Morning, Heartache," and tuning up your own vibration. Lend your responses and link me to your own efforts.

SEVEN: (OK, we're going odd-meter): Finally, my go-getter publicist has pushed me way out of the closet as a clairvoyant reader and healer  not that I hid it, I just didn't blast it to the world. Too late now, thanks to a forthcoming story in a national women's mag! If you're interested in a phone reading/healing, or have questions about it, please get in touch. Happy references available.

Thank you, my darlings! All my best, Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)

Get "The Poetry of Groove" at:





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  1. Greetings Lisa,

    Thank you for making such beautiful heart felt music. From My email, 2 You tube, To your home site WHoo! I'm tired now. Please keep me posted on where you're performing in San Francisco Ca, My Home Town Haight Ashbury Cat U know! I'd love to explore your art more in depth. Until then, will U be my friend on you tube?


    RhoyalBaib'e Foston


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