Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Performance of My Life on Father's Day This Year

Now and then, all the years of practicing and singing and performing come together and I feel totally in control and in the flow — cracking jokes, singing well, telling the story, exerting magic, riding the cushion and the waves and the accents of the band, dancing, and knowing that the audience got it! (Plus, they told me.)

That's how it felt 6/20/10 in the house concert with Jennifer Lee (who was delightful to share the bill with) in Oakland.

And it helped immensely that the sound system/acoustics were excellent.

I appreciate these moments after a number of gigs marred by imperfect sound or a performance that wasn't up to my own exacting standards. This one: I know that we all did the best we could, and it was remarkable and joyful.

I am grateful.


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