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Free S.F. Show 8/6/11, Women Rock 5th Anniversary

poster for Women Rock, San Francisco, fifth anniversary show from Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) blog
I'm performing 8/6/11 at 9:40 p.m in San Francisco at a FREE show to celebrate Women Rock's 5th anniversary. See details below on performers, who hail from many genres. Kids' acts start the day. Potluck and grill will be set up. Drinks for sale.

The Box Factory, 865 Florida St. at 21st St.

San Francisco, CA

Saturday August 6, 2:00 p.m. - Sunday at 2:00 a.m.
WomenROCK, a women's music collective, is celebrating five years of vitality with a magical free day of music, dance, visual and performance art. The event will be part of MAPP (Mission Arts & Performance Project). Cosponsored by Donations can be made to Homobiles, a Safe Queer Car Service open to all (founded by a musician).

Here's the awesome line up for the day (starting with three kid-friendly acts in a row, so bring ...the family!):

2:00-2:20 Revolutionary Girls
This SF tween sensation plays venues like Earth Day and Harmony Festival because there is a message to their music. Listen up!

2:25-2:50 Making Dinner (for kids!)
An all-female San Francisco favorite that has been labeled indie, folk, and pop. Making Dinner takes over the stage the way the smell of cookies baking takes over a kitchen.

2:55-3:20 Essence (for kids!)
In her decade long span as a recording artist, essence has earned a devoted following, sold thousands of CDs, had songs placed prominently in film and television, won international songwriting contests and performed in some the nation's most prestigious venues opening for artists like Tom Petty, Jason Mraz, Shawn Colvin, and Sarah McLachlan.

3:25-3:50 Candace Roberts & The Forever Bridesmaids
In a cotton-candy world of shimmering girl-group harmonies and clever cabaret . our heroine makes her way through a minefield of tubas, handbags and plentiful pork products.

3:55-4:15 Aoede
Compelling pop for your heart by a singer-songwriter with an enchantingly quirky soprano voice. Recipient of a "Top Album of the Decade" honor, and "Top Artist of the Year" for 2008, by, she is one-in-a-million, but it's not only for the reasons one would expect.

4:20-4:40 ANANTA
ANANTA rocks her audience with the electric fiddle, cello, beats and hula-hoop in her solo show and her repertoire includes soul, jazz, hip-hop, rock, celtic, middle eastern, indian classical and alternative trance styles.

4:45-5:10 Pamela Parker
San Francisco's freshest soul sister, Pamela Parker serves up a blend of juicy, bluesy, soulful, funky music and sets out to deeply touch her audience with songs about life, love, and creating positive changes in the world.

5:15-5:40 Vanessa VerLee
For over a decade Vanessa has been a staple singer-songwriter in the San Francisco scene. Her voice stops crowds and her melodies leaves them humming. She'll be joined by her partner in music and life, Jeremy Rourke, a celebrated animator and songwriter himself.

5:45-6:05 The Sugar Highs
Playing together for four years now, these two snappily dressed jazz songstresses, Andrea Shippy and Kate Baker, do unique and original tunes as well as classics from the great American songbook. The sound will leave you on a (Sugar) High!

6:05 Introduction of evening emcee, Siobhan "OneMama-ShaBoom" Neilland
Siobhan Neilland, founder of the non-profit OneMama, represents the heart of the OneMama organization. OneMama helps improvised woman have babies safely in rural communities in Africa. Passionate about making a difference in the world, Siobhan created OneMama to show those in need that they are loved and matter in this world.

6:10-6:35 The Heated
The moniker of singer/songwriter Cristina Espinosa, The Heated provides endearing lo-fi, yet accomplished, indie folk/Americana. One bar breaks thrown into the center of songs, off-kilter rhythms and unexpected melodies dot the musical landscape.

6:45-7:10 Bitter Mystics
Smooth and sultry vocals backed by masterful violin and
acoustic guitars energizing original songs spanning genres from bluegrass to folk to pop to swing.

7:15-7:40 Audrey Howard & The Misters
"(These) San Francisco underground scene favorites perform tight-knit rock driven by Audrey's mind-blowing, real-life guitar hero riffage" - Fabulosa Fest //

7:45-8:10 ZIVA
Born and raised in a small kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley in Israel, ZIVA's music is a blend of rock, pop, jazz and R&B, delivered with powerful expressive vocals, rich harmonies and exotic rhythms.

8:15-8:30 Emily Butterfly
Happily self-employed at Emily Butterfly Productions, she serves as creatress of many genres including: Cartoon Voice Over, Puppet Fabricator, Puppeteer, Illustrator, Story, Song and Script Writer. She performs for children and adults in schools, hospitals, prisons, speakeasies, festivals and clubs and have reached over 50,000 elementary school children in the Bay Area, Ca with a show promoting walking and biking to school.

8:40-9:05 Castles In Spain
Castles in Spain's unique sonic agenda melds tribal rhythms, cinematic and atmospheric vibes and even Middle Eastern and Spanish influences into a sensuously soulful and melodically ethereal style.

9:10-9:25 Drag w/ Jesse Sangria & Persia

9:30-9:35 Luscious Ladies Burlesque Dance Troupe

9:40-10:05 Lisa B. (Lisa Bernstein)
This singer-poet merges jazz, soul, pop, world, and electronic music with vivid, poetic spoken word. She has released 4 CDs with national radio charting and press, has had two poetry books published, and performed at 80+ venues from the Elbo Room to Stanford University.

10:10-10:35 Dana Carmel
Dana's haunting melodies and sometimes unconventional chord progressions have a way of entering your head and staying there for days. She manages to express what you may not find the right words for and in the end you are so happy to sing along to.

10:40-11:05 Whitney Nichole
Whitney Nichole blends storytelling lyrics and strong melodies for a captivating and compelling soulful indie-pop style.

11:10-11:30 Maria Konner
Guitarist & keyboardist with the band Sex Industry, Maria will be playing a few acoustic guitar songs. Maria has performed in many spots throughout town either playing with the band, or doing tunes on the piano or guitar.

11:35-11:45 Rasa Vitalia
Arguably San Francisco's leading highly creative and very unique Dance Artists, Rasa Vitalia performs around the world, celebrating the essence of life with her truly creative dance called "Rasa Dance." Rasa Dance is Global Dance: A unique experience of universal movement through dance & music- The rhythm of life.

11:50-12:15 bernadette

12:20-12:45 Gabby La La

12:50-1:15 London Street

1:20-1:45 Drag with Shaky Gibson, Divinity Fudge & Samatha Klever Samuelroy (and his alterego Samatha Klever) composes his own music, sings, raps and collaborates with such drag queens as Miss Rahni, Kallisto and Lady Bear, along with others.

1:45-2:00 Dance Party


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  2. Enough time has passed since this gig that I feel I can note that it was one of the worst-organized and badly supported (technically speaking) gigs of my life -- ironically, since this was to be a mutually supportive event by women, for women. Most of the performers did not volunteer for event-related tasks, despite being requested. (I pulled a 2+-hour shift at the door.) The stage manager got so drunk she could barely stand up, not to mention handle the tech crises that were to follow. Despite a train of emails about sound matters and many assurances as to the details, the sound woman, who was one of the main gig organizers, left without communicating to the next sound person how to play the instrumental CD that I needed as an accompaniment or even that there was a laptop for her to use. (Luckily I brought a boom box as a backup, but it was stressful trying to figure out how to mic it.) No lights were up during my set, and folks were fiddling with lighting throughout it, creating constant shifts from darkness to glaring, and these weren't pretty. My set was cut short mid-performance because the stage had to be moved around. Despite that, the audience managed to enjoy, nod heads, and even dance. Oy! I don't know what this says about anything, except that sometimes competitiveness among women rears its head in sneaky ways, and my feeling was that this was one of those times.


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