Monday, August 8, 2011

Gardiner Music Mentoring: A Great Program, Expanding Now

Jim Gardiner of Gardiner Music Mentoring
I'm excited to tell you about Gardiner Music Mentoring, a program for youth 14 and up as well as adults. GMM provides one-to-one and small group mentoring and lessons on all aspects of musical development  all within the world-class Pajama Studios near Jack London Square in Oakland.

Know a young person involved in music who would flourish in an alternative learning setting?

Seeking to expand your skills in audio engineering, music composition, or performance?

Gardiner Music Mentoring will tailor a program to meet your starting point, goals, learning style and schedule. You can study:

•  Music composition, theory, and orchestration

•  Recording, mixing, and mastering
•  Instrumental and vocal technique and performance
•  Creating your own CD and producing CDs by other artists
•  The evolving music business and your career planning and launch

Gardiner Music Mentoring features personal instruction from Jim (James) Gardiner as well as an amazing array of mentors who are working musicians. Jim has an unmatched range of skills: composition (he was composer in residence for the Seattle Symphony), audio engineering (Grammy nominations and 42 gold- or platinum-certified records), and producing. His program's mentors include some of the best the Bay Area has to offer, with more being added each month.

Jim has a magic touch with kids, providing a framework of both creativity and discipline, and a special ability to communicate. And he does pretty well with grownups too  as I can attest.

Check out Gardiner Music Mentoring's curriculum, testimonials, and more:

Week-long summer camp sessions start in August, and weekly lessons as well as more immersive programs are ongoing.

A great place for you or a young person you know to take the next step in musical development  whether it's learning about recording and mixing with the latest technology, in a real-live studio environment; getting started on your first symphony; or being guided and assisted at every step in creating your next CD.

Feel free to contact me (see my website link below, Contact page) to find out more, or contact Jim at (323) 481-1590.


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