Thursday, February 14, 2013

Covered California - New Info on California's Health Exchange Under Affordable Care Act

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Covered California! The basics are now online about California's health exchange (or marketplace) for 2014 under the Affordable Care Act.

They look good. Premiums and health providers are not settled or provided yet, but the cost calculator's results look promising. This insurance is for folks not covered under a group or employer plan. It will sure make my life easier and lower my costs dramatically as a diabetic. And it will do the same for many others, as preexisting conditions will no longer be a factor. Yay!

Of course, this health insurance option will be crucial for the many artists, musicians, and writers who are self-employed and struggling to pay for health care, not to mention all the others in the same position.

By the way, I was interviewed in my home by a nice young market research team a few months back. I didn't know their client but figured it was some health insurance company. I was surprised when they videotaped some interesting but off-topic jazz collages I had on the wall. Afterward, they confessed they were working on this very website.

Glad to help Obamacare, however unwittingly.

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